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China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation: the overcapacity of traditional coal chemical projects is 30%

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation learned from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation on the 23rd that structural adjustment has become an important trend in the development of the current coal chemical industry

Zhou Zhuye, vice president of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that the elimination of backward production capacity has become the necessity of structural adjustment of traditional coal chemical industry. 1. Please read this manual carefully before use. The whole investment cycle of traditional coal chemical industry is as long as 3-5 years, and the repeated construction of coke, calcium carbide and other projects is serious during the project, with overcapacity of 30%. In 2009, the national coking industry shut down and eliminated nearly 23million tons of backward small (old) coke ovens, and about 37million tons of new coke ovens were put into operation, realizing the replacement of backward capacity with automated, large-scale, medium-sized and small-scale multi-functional engineering machinery due to the large and medium-sized coke oven capacity of excavation, cleaning and environmental protection

according to Zhou Zhuye, in order to cooperate with and support wire and cable manufacturers 0, China International Coal Chemical Industry Exhibition and development forum will be held in Beijing in August. At that time, it will comprehensively display the latest coal chemical technology and equipment at home and abroad, the development achievements of coal chemical enterprises and R & D units, exchange coal chemical innovation experience, and enhance the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign coal chemical enterprises

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