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Traditional Chinese medicine injection falls on the horse to guard against the weakness of pharmaceutical packaging (II)

looking for commonalities

first, let's take a look at the common unqualified pyrogen of Xiangdan injection and Shuxuening. Pyrogen includes components of bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as other thermogenic substances. The most common and main pyrogen in pharmaceutical preparations is endotoxin from the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria. In other words, the pyrogen produced by coating, mechanical cutting and other products should generally come from the outside of drugs. The large foreign body seen in Pingdingshan hospital naturally came from the outside

in these injection problems, we can see that the product packaging is ampoule bottles. According to the pharmaceutical packaging equipment manufacturer, after purchasing bottles from the packaging enterprise, the manufacturer needs to go through the infrared bottle washing process to ensure the sterility of ampoules, and then carry out vacuum filling. Therefore, theoretically speaking, it is impossible to bring pyrogen substances into ampoules. Moreover, these enterprises are all regular pharmaceutical factories and have passed GMP certification. According to the general view, under the condition of good manufacturing practice (GMP), the quality control of drug production can generally be optimized from the aspects of product design, mold design, molding equipment and molding process. The accepted view is that the absence of bacterial endotoxin means the absence of pyrogen. It is more unlikely that large foreign bodies will appear. So in this series of events, which link did not connect well

the weakness of China's pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery and packaging materials

although China's pharmaceutical enterprises have passed GMP, it is easy to identify from the packaging when we compare domestic drugs with imported drugs. First of all, foreign drug packaging materials are very sophisticated, both visual and tactile effects are very good. Secondly, the printing and design of foreign drug packaging is particularly beautiful, which not only pays attention to personalization, but also is very exquisite in practicality. In addition, foreign packaging also takes full account of the characteristics of drug users. Because people make medicine bottles, they are popular with consumers

in contrast, domestic drug packaging is often associated with simplicity and coarseness. It cannot directly give people the feeling of high quality from the appearance

we can timely feed back some problems from some customers. Like packaging materials, packaging machinery and pharmaceutical machinery, our products are mainly exported to developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and it is difficult to enter the mainstream markets in Europe and the United States. This will become the biggest weakness of Chinese enterprises and the biggest obstacle to successfully survive the economic crisis

the CPC Central Committee has promulgated a new medical reform plan, and the supporting plan will also be introduced. Facing the huge cake brought by the new medical reform, pharmaceutical enterprises are eager to try. This fist and palm also need packaging and mechanical assistance to make the utensils sharp and effective. The birth of the new medical reform will shuffle not only pharmaceutical enterprises, but also suppliers upstream of pharmaceutical enterprises. In the fate of elimination without upgrading, only seeking innovation and change is the way to rise

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