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How can 120000 small and medium-sized enterprises "catch up with the tide" when traditional industries accelerate their transformation to intelligent manufacturing

intelligent production is no longer a question of whether or not, but how to achieve it. In recent years, the labor cost has increased significantly, while the cost of 16 finishing production lines of intelligent production lines has decreased significantly. The cost advantage makes enterprises give priority to the production lines with a higher degree of intelligence when expanding production, and have the power to intelligently transform the original production lines. This is true in all fields. "As long as you can use robots, you don't need people" has become the consensus of manufacturing enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta

The Ministry of industry and information technology recently officially approved the establishment of Sino German (Cixi) small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation zone. In the future, "made in Cixi" and "made in Germany" will carry out the same frequency resonance in all fields, and promote the "seamless connection" of small and medium-sized enterprises in the two places

the just concluded Ningbo International Robot Exhibition ushered in a "blowout" of crowds. Tens of thousands of small and medium-sized business owners entered the market to negotiate and find the best way to combine with intelligent manufacturing. Many industrial robots were once sold out

since the beginning of this year, Ningbo "Zhicheng robot" has been busy with production at full power, and the output this month will hit 100 sets, while the recycled plastic granulator, the main processing machine of this Ningbo industrial robot body enterprise last year, will have a large customer base, and the output is less than 100 sets

intelligent manufacturing, seemingly profound and mysterious, seems to be a game for large enterprises, but it is not. As Ningbo accelerates the construction of a "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city and actively strives to create a "made in China 2025" national demonstration zone, more and more Ningbo enterprises begin to run faster in the "spring" of intelligent manufacturing

"intelligent manufacturing upgrading" new pattern

robots wave iron arms and work flexibly; Cutting machines and machine tools are running rapidly, sparks are splashing... Last week, Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center turned into a huge manufacturing workshop, which made us feel the rolling upsurge of manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the "intelligent manufacturing upgrading"

"although our annual output value is only more than 60 million yuan, the demand for industrial robots is really strong!" At the 4th Ningbo International Robot Exhibition, Xiang Wende, the person in charge of "Kant stainless steel", who is looking for new equipment for the factory, sighed. Five or six years ago, Xiang Wende introduced industrial robots into the factory. At present, there are three welding robots in the factory. In his view, small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises are generally facing the pressure of rising labor costs and intensifying market competition, "intelligent manufacturing upgrading" is no choice

in front of Ningbo Tongyuan industrial robot booth, a complete automatic simulation stamping production line attracted countless attention. This stamping production line shows the special effect of replacing manual labor with automatic stamping manipulator. "This production line can effectively ensure the safe production of enterprises, explain the adjustment methods and precautions, maintain the stability of production capacity, and help enterprises effectively alleviate the difficulties of recruitment and high labor costs." Chen Guozhi, general manager of the company, said that this time, 500 companies were attracted to visit and negotiate with Tongyuan, and 30 enterprises came to the production site to investigate and discuss the automation production line plan

the strong demand of enterprises has busy industrial robot manufacturers and integrators. In front of the "Moco robot" booth in Ningbo, songxiaohu, a senior engineer of the company, is introducing the "real kung fu" of his agent robot to a group of merchants. "Previously, orders were placed by large enterprises. In the past two years, especially since last year, small and medium-sized enterprises have also accelerated the pace of intelligent manufacturing upgrading. At present, enterprises still purchase imported brands, and domestic industrial robots are catching up." Song Xiaohu said

Shi Guoping, President of Ningbo robot industry association, told that intelligent production is no longer a question of whether to do it or not, but how to achieve it. "In recent years, the cost of human resources has increased significantly, while the cost of intelligent production lines has decreased significantly. The cost advantage makes enterprises give priority to the production lines with a higher degree of intelligence when expanding production, and have the power to intelligently transform the original production lines. This is true in all fields." as long as you can use robots, you don't need people "has become the consensus of manufacturing enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta." Shi Guoping said

"as the core driving force of economic development changes from capital driven to innovation driven characterized by technology and business model, the pressure of industrial competition is gradually transmitted to small and medium-sized enterprises." In Shi Guoping's view, small and medium-sized enterprises have had to improve product quality, improve production efficiency and optimize the production process through intelligent upgrading, "the speed of this transformation and upgrading will only be faster and faster"

in the tide of "made in China 2025", more and more small and medium-sized enterprises want to take the road of intelligent manufacturing upgrading, but "the ideal is very plump, but the reality is a little skinny"

the principals of small and medium-sized enterprises interviewed generally reflected that large enterprises have capital and strength, and can quickly realize intelligent upgrading through self-research or the introduction of foreign advanced production lines. However, the implementation of intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises is restricted by technology, capital, talents, information and other factors, and also faces greater trial and error costs and risks. There is motivation to upgrade smart manufacturing, but lack of confidence in taking the road of smart manufacturing, which has confused tens of thousands of smart manufacturing reserve forces

"bump heavy industry" is carrying out a new round of intelligent manufacturing upgrading for enterprises. General manager Zhu Shuai believes that there are three major pain points in the process of smart manufacturing upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises: first, there is a lack of sufficient funds to do smart upgrading. The financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises is much higher than that of large enterprises. As a systematic project, intelligent transformation is almost unsustainable by relying solely on the capital investment of enterprises when it is difficult to use capital leverage and special support. Second, Chinese customers can only get standard size steel plates. Small enterprises generally have a weak foundation of informatization and automation. Third, the management tends to be extensive, and the personnel are mostly skilled types of work with low technical difficulty, while intelligent enterprises need the close cooperation of management, technology and other talents to operate smoothly

where is the problem solving technique

"large enterprises are singing, and small and medium-sized enterprises are embarrassed to watch." Although it's just a joke, it stabbed the weakness in the process of Intelligent Manufacturing in Ningbo. In a sense, to solve the puzzle of smart manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises is the biggest proposition for Ningbo manufacturing to move towards Ningbo smart manufacturing

"small and medium-sized enterprises are short of money and few people. Smart manufacturing upgrading must make steady progress in small steps, and cannot eat a fat man in one bite." Hua Xu, Secretary General of the municipal Intelligent Manufacturing Association, said that from the German experience, industry 4.0 pays more attention to the intellectualization of production lines, faces more small and medium-sized enterprises, and carries out intelligent upgrading and transformation in batches and levels, link by link, module by module, and unit by unit. This path is more suitable for the current situation of the coexistence of Ningbo Industry 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0

according to the analysis of insiders, the weak links in the production process of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ningbo are relatively concentrated in the previous process and the subsequent process. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop practical, highly automated and intelligent storage equipment. In addition, the assembly of large quantities of simple products and the development of automatic equipment and assembly lines, as well as the equipment or production lines for automatic packaging of products, should also be the focus of attention

"I hope Ningbo will increase scientific and financial innovation. In addition to patent pledge, banks can also be encouraged to use order pledge and other ways to promote faster, better and intelligent manufacturing upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises." Shi Guoping said that with the development and expansion of intelligent manufacturing equipment in Ningbo, the standardization and modularization of intelligent manufacturing should also be put on the agenda to ensure the sustainability of intelligent manufacturing upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises in the future

the good news is that the Ningbo municipal government has increased its support for intelligent manufacturing year by year. In addition, the accelerated rise of Ningbo industrial robots has created good conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises to accelerate the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing. "Our industrial robots are not only exported to the United States, but also respond to customers' demands at the first time and help them achieve personalized needs. However, the price is 40% lower than that of imported robots." Dongbangsheng, deputy general manager of Ningbo Zhicheng robot Co., Ltd., said that for small and medium-sized enterprises, in addition to the excellent quality of robots, the more important thing is the simplification of operation, programming and application. "Foreign well-known robot manufacturers, including abb, FANUC, Bosch, KUKA and other equipment, need more difficult programming, and we have great innovation in this point. The operation is as simple as a fool's machine, which can be operated by ordinary assembly line workers and can be customized privately." Dongbangsheng said

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