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From the perspective of economics, investment, consumption and export are often compared to the "troika" driving GDP growth. Under the background of the overall economic downturn and the sluggish economic growth of Yongkang, the thermos cup industry and leisure car industry have become the "two carriages" driving Yongkang's exports

with the efforts and inheritance of Yongkang craftsmen of all dynasties, Yongkang traditional hardware has continued to move forward to the modern hardware manufacturing industry. There are tens of thousands of hardware production enterprises in the city, with more than 300000 people engaged in the hardware industry, and more than 10000 kinds of hardware products. Hardware products are sold in the world, among which the output and export volume of stainless steel thermos cups and electric vehicles rank first in the world, the sales volume of more than 10 kinds of products ranks the highest in the country, and the sales volume of more than 100 kinds of products ranks the top three in the country

according to the statistics of Yongkang Office of Jinhua customs, the export of Yongkang thermos cup industry reached 2.21 billion yuan this month, with a year-on-year increase of 56.9%; The export of recreational vehicle industry was 1.29 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 10.5%. While leading the eight industries, it also drives the transformation and upgrading of traditional hardware

thermos cup industry: transformation and upgrading strive to be a late mover

for other hardware industries, Yongkang thermos cup has only a short history of more than 20 years. From the perspective of stimulating the economy alone, the thermos cup industry is undoubtedly the most outstanding rising star

in the production workshop of the stainless steel division of Zhejiang HALS vacuum utensils Co., Ltd., the production line had to temporarily use the 24-hour production system, and people stopped constantly. Recently, new orders from more than 30 dealers across the country have been sent in an endless stream. HALS company is overwhelmed by the explosive demand of customers, and the production plan has been scheduled until the end of the year

"the fourth quarter was the peak sales season for the cup and kettle industry. According to the situation of previous years, the demand for thermos cups in a quarter was about 2million. However, in the past month, we have received orders for 4million cup and kettle products." Said Ke Changchang, deputy general manager of the stainless steel division of HALS company

in this month, HALS' export volume increased by 136% year-on-year. It is reported that the G20 Hangzhou summit brought HALS not only the rapid growth of orders. The concept of "building an innovative, dynamic, interconnected and inclusive world economy" proposed at the summit also points out the development direction for enterprises. Enterprises will always focus on boutique thinking and transform to high-end boutique intelligent manufacturing

"the pendulum that was disassembled in the first 10 months of this year can't be pressed hard, and the company has completed an output value of nearly 220million yuan. Now the orders are scheduled to the end of the year, and the workshop workers are busy with high accuracy, so they have to gather the office staff to do some simple assembly." Wang Qunhua, head of New Era Industrial Co., Ltd., told that the company would launch a new product every month, which was the most critical factor for the company to seize the market

since this year, New Era Industrial Co., Ltd. has invested a total of 4.5 million yuan to purchase new equipment. "Several new production lines have been launched, and five injection molding machines and three stretching machines have been purchased." Wang Qunhua said that after entering the thermos cup industry in 1995, the company has been committed to the research and development of new products, and obtained 53 invention patents in only

in addition to relying on "summit effect" and "technological innovation" to seize the market, many Yongkang enterprises have also upgraded the whole cup industry through raw material upgrading

as early as five years ago, Xia Feijian, the head of Zhejiang Feijian industry and Trade Co., Ltd., had a strong interest in titanium materials and had been trying to replace other old materials with titanium. However, after the adoption of new materials, its products encountered new problems in the production process of key technologies such as stretching, vacuum pumping, welding and so on (106) construction sealant joint. "If we can solve the problems in the production of titanium materials, it will certainly enable enterprises to achieve a qualitative leap in transformation and upgrading." Xia Feijian said

after cooperating with Western metal materials stocks, Hunan Xiangtou Jintian and other companies, many raw material problems have been solved. At present, Feijian company has developed five new titanium thermos cups. After continuous efforts, Feijian company finally made a major breakthrough in the application of titanium materials. It decided to use first-class titanium as the main material of the thermos cup, introduce advanced anode surface treatment and special welding technology, and develop a titanium thermos cup that can realize industrialization. Xia Feijian said that the introduction of titanium materials is a revolutionary breakthrough for the thermos cup industry, which can greatly improve the grade of Yongkang cup industry. If put on the market, the price of titanium thermos cup is expected to be 15-20 times that of ordinary thermos cup

recreational vehicle industry: innovation driven integration into the international market

"we saw in the Italian Guangpu market that 'Apollo' products have become one of the best choices for entry-level products of local recreational sports vehicles. In the future, we will further open up markets in Europe, America, Australia and so on." Ying Er, general manager of Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is full of confidence in the future market

"in the past few years, we have launched multi-level cooperation with French Apollo motorcycles in many fields, such as technology, products and market, in order to rely on each other and jointly resist risks. We have also established a joint venture with Italian enterprises to focus on motorcycle research and development, sales and services, and jointly promote the strategic layout of Europe." Ying Er believes that in today's business environment, division of labor and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results, and common development are the general trend. Apollo adopts an open and cooperative mode to establish stable cooperative relations with customers and suppliers with advanced technology and more sales channels, strengthen strategic cooperation with foreign enterprises, and improve the response speed of the supply chain

"while doing a good job in cross-border business, we will also further explore the domestic market." Ying er said that the enterprise has a huge technology research and development team, and will invest 20million yuan in technological innovation in the next five years to develop a series of products suitable for the physique and preferences of Chinese people

like Apollo, Zhejiang Taotao Group Co., Ltd. is seeking overseas cooperation. So far, Taotao group has established six branches in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Indiana, Houston, Washington and other states in the United States, two branches in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, and four branches in Russia and Dubai

"our group's wholly-owned subsidiaries in the United States and Canada have annual sales of more than 90 million US dollars, accounting for 50% of the market share of similar products in the United States, Canada and Russia." Cao Yuejin, President of Taotao group, said

Customs Department: actively promote "convenient customs clearance"

now, it is one year since the formal implementation of AEO mutual recognition between China Customs and EU customs. Among the many enterprises in Yongkang, Harbin rough polishing, grinding, smoothing and flying God are the first enterprises to eat AEO, which is a convenient "crab" for customs clearance

aeo is the abbreviation of "certified operator", and AEO system refers to the system that the customs certifies enterprises with relevant standards. After the implementation of AEO mutual recognition between China and the EU, the two sides give each other corresponding customs clearance facilities. Among them, Yongkang enterprises benefited most from the reduction of the average inspection rate of customs clearance by 70%, and the speed of customs clearance more than doubled

after the customs clearance time is accelerated, enterprises will further reduce costs and improve efficiency in the import of raw materials. Yi Hongqing, head of HALS documentation, told: "taking imports as an example, we can complete customs clearance in a day or two and receive the goods as soon as possible, so as to save time and reduce costs."

in addition to the European Union, China has also implemented the AEO mutual recognition system with Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Yongkang eligible enterprises can enjoy convenient and preferential customs clearance policies when importing and exporting goods to these countries and regions. However, in order to obtain mutual recognition qualification, enterprises must first apply for advanced certification

"the enterprise advanced certification standards issued by the customs mainly involve five parts: enterprise internal control, financial status, law-abiding norms, trade security and additional standards. We hope Yongkang enterprises can improve their competitiveness and apply for advanced certification according to the standards." Jinhua customs Yongkang office staff said

in addition to promoting the mutual recognition of enterprises and European AEO qualifications, Jinhua customs Yongkang office also innovates statistical services to help local economic development: Taking the top 100 import and export enterprises and large taxpayers as the point, it establishes a tracking mechanism for key enterprises in its jurisdiction. By formulating the monitoring table of key enterprises every month, the interview system is adopted for enterprises with large fluctuations in data, so as to fully grasp the reasons for data changes. "Take the recreational sports vehicle industry for example, we designate special personnel to track and investigate, and conduct dynamic analysis and quantitative judgment on the actual import and export scale and its influencing factors every month."

nowadays, we are in a critical period of transformation and upgrading from traditional hardware to modern high-end hardware. Relevant Customs personnel suggested that Yongkang enterprises should pay close attention to the study and formulation of strategic planning, pay attention to the building of corporate culture, improve market-oriented operation ability, and actively respond to the complex economic situation; Relevant departments should speed up the formulation of trade barrier response strategies, strengthen guidance and services for enterprises, and open up a broader path for Yongkang manufacturing to "go global"

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