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Traditional Chinese medicine packaging type (bottom)

polypropylene bottle (PP) this bottle is made of high crystallinity plastic, with neat and tight molecular arrangement and strong molecular force. It is reflected on the bottle body with high tensile strength, high rigidity and good gloss; It has good heat resistance, but poor flexibility and transparency, so it is used in drug packaging. High density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle is a crystalline plastic with good impact strength, chemical resistance, environmental stress resistance and relatively low price. It is one of the bottle types with the largest application of drug packaging today, and its application has exceeded 1billion

III. honey pill packaging of traditional Chinese medicine

in the past, the honey pill packaging of traditional Chinese medicine used cartons as the outer packaging, and the inner layer of a box of ten pills was sealed with wax paper or round plastic containers around. Blister packaging is now used. This packaging rose in Europe in the 1930s. Blister packaging and its materials used in China in the early 1970s mainly rely on imports. In the 1980s, China successively introduced Japanese aluminum foil (PTP) printing and coating equipment and related technologies for pharmaceutical blister packaging materials in Guangzhou, Lianyungang, Jinzhou and other places, but the main raw materials still need to be imported. In the 1990s, China has been able to manufacture monochrome or multicolor aluminum foil printing and coating equipment, while the "PTP" aluminum foil materials used in blister packaging, ink and protective agent adhesives for aluminum foil, and plastic hard pieces have been localized, It can also meet the needs of domestic drug packaging enterprises. Blister packaging of drugs is also known as blister packaging. This packaging form is to put drugs in the pit of plastic hard film (called blister or blister) formed by blister, and then use a printed aluminum foil coated with protective agent and adhesive to bond and seal with the plastic hard film, so that drugs can be protected and easy to identify. Take the packaging process used after it is completed and put into operation in 2022. There are two kinds of materials for blister packaging of drugs; One is aluminum foil coated with protective layer and adhesive layer and printed with text patterns, which is called drug blister packaging aluminum foil, and the other is plastic hard sheet, usually polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hard sheet

the loading process of blister packaging of traditional Chinese medicine is to first shape the plastic hard piece blister, put the traditional Chinese medicine pills into the blister, then seal the plastic hard piece with aluminum foil by hot pressing, and then cut according to the size. The whole process is completed continuously on the automatic packaging machine. Compared with the traditional Chinese medicine honey pill packaging, the biggest advantage of the blister Haier New Material incubated and packaged by Haier groups is that it is easy to carry, and it can reduce the pollution in the process of carrying and taking drugs. At present, the latest development of blister packaging is to scratch the bottom plate of blister packaging, so that each pill of Chinese patent medicine is easy to separate and easy to take. For this reason, the pharmaceutical factory also printed the date on the back of the medicine to remind patients to take it and truly achieve humanized design. The realization of this technology is 19. The accurate positioning of the printing process and molding with low oil pump noise. In the blister packaging of traditional Chinese medicine, cartons are also used as the outer packaging. The difference is that the outer packaging of cartons has more room to play in the taking instructions and decoration design of drugs. In order to improve the use safety of drugs and meet the anti-counterfeiting requirements, the outer packaging box will adopt more destructive opening design

IV. packaging of Chinese patent medicine powders and granules

in the past, paper bags and plastic bags were used for the packaging of such traditional Chinese medicine dosage forms. Now, SP compound bag (strip packaging) is a unit packaging form, which uses two layers of medicinal strip packaging film to clamp the drug powder and granules in the middle, and the unit drugs are separated by a certain distance. On the strip packaging machine, the inner side of the two layers of SP film around the drugs is heat sealed, and the tooth marks are pressed between the drugs, forming a unit packaging form. Each unit forms a small package in the form of rows. This kind of packaging works continuously on the strip packaging machine, which is especially suitable for automatic packaging in large quantities. When taking drugs, tear the SP film along the tooth mark, so that taking a single dose of drugs will not affect the reuse of other drug packages

the so-called SP packaging film is a kind of composite film, which has certain tensile strength and elongation. It is suitable for the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine powder, particles and drugs of various shapes and sizes. After packaging, it is close to the drugs inside, and it is not easy to produce cracks and wrinkles. At present, aluminum plastic composite films are widely used, such as pt/al/pe, pet/al/pe, that is, aluminum foil and plastic. Because peek has good comprehensive properties, the material film is laminated or extruded with adhesive, which is composed of base layer, printing layer and high resistance barrier layer; The printing layer is in the middle. Because the base material has excellent mechanical properties, gloss, good printability, good transparency, good barrier, safety, non-toxic, and no heat sealing. Typical materials are pet, cellophane Pt and cellophane with PVDC coating

high resistance barrier layer has good barrier property of gas and water vapor, bacteria and microorganisms are not easy to immerse, good mechanical properties, a certain tensile rate, cold resistance, heat resistance, safety and non-toxic. Its typical material is soft aluminum foil, but this soft aluminum foil is opaque, does not rust itself, and has strong shading property. If transparent packaging film is required, PVDC is used as high resistance barrier material. PVDC, as a high resistance barrier material, is characterized by its excellent barrier to gas and steam, which well protects the original flavor and effect of traditional Chinese medicine. The sealing layer is the inner layer of the packaging film, which has excellent heat sealing performance, chemical stability, safety and hygiene. It is generally made of low-density polyethylene. Because the composite film is composed of inner layer, base layer, outer layer and sealing layer, it can effectively block any gas and protect the efficacy. It is one of the ideal packaging materials for traditional Chinese medicine powders and granules

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