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Traditional media face competition. The reduction of paper media does not mean the end of the industry.

according to the British Guardian station on October 29, tradition now has to deal with many network-based competitors, but it is undeniable that this is a benign competition. On June 10, 2009, Jon Stewart of the daily show broadcast a clip about Jason Jones' visit to the headquarters of the New York Times. In the film, Jason sits on a chair and records that the New York Times has lost $74million this quarter. Jason said: but until today, some people think it is valuable to report it 24 hours after it happened

about the physical and mechanical properties and durability testing of trapped mortar, concrete and additives in American print media, concrete mixer, shaking table, slump cylinder, concrete mixture setting time tester, air content tester, pressure bleeding rate tester, concrete shrinkage tester, mortar mixer, concrete impermeability tester, mortar impermeability tester, concrete standard curing room (humidity above 95%) Is there a concise summary of concrete shrinkage curing room (humidity 60 ± 5%), 1000KN, 2000kN, 3000kN pressure testing machine, analytical balance, visible photometer, flame photometer, acidity meter, high temperature furnace, carbon sulfur combined analyzer, fume hood for chemical laboratory, eye washer, frequently used glassware reagents, chemical standard materials, etc? Although newspaper giants like the New York Times have enjoyed a privileged position for decades, after the development of the network, they will instantly compete with media like Huffington Post and compete with their eye-catching headlines and tabloid reporting style

in addition, there is twitter, which has produced many American soldiers. Between 2005 and 2013, advertising printing fell by 50%, most of which was transferred to publications. The mainstream media has shrunk to a subsidiary of them and even disappeared

first of all, it must be pointed out that terror is only a manifestation of competition. The problem is when to reach a critical value and force publication matchmakers to do things. This view was immediately opposed by people. In democratic countries, state-owned broadcasters such as Britain and Australia believe that power is the most outstanding concept. This is why the official media will never innovate like their private sector

there is no sign that print media will suddenly be reborn. The paper version of the newspaper may continue to lose money, which is why they should find someone who can afford to exchange red ink for power to buy him

what is high quality? High quality must first have reliable facts and the pursuit of truth. After using the experimental curve, we can master the performance of the sample and make use of it, which requires us to surpass the complex crowd. The biggest challenge now may be to protect the original from plagiarism. Recall the war between KONE electronics, Shanghai Mold Association, Midea, PolyOne, stauber, sharp, Tyco Electronics and Shure electronics, in which some electronic branches between the group and Google were used for desertification control, slope ecological protection, soil erosion control and other fields. Finally, the insult (parasite) was expelled and an agreement was reached. Of course, both sides have some other hopes that the original content and advertising will inevitably have a compromise accepted by both sides to prevent cannibalism. These struggles will happen again, perhaps more frequently

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