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Traditional habits and management change

British scientist Peter Reich wrote in the book the art of scientific research that "we all have the psychology of resisting new things, just as we oppose strange clothes. This psychology makes people obey traditional habits and have no doubt about the widely believed false truth.... people tend to take an aggressive or evasive attitude towards new things. The first person to use a parasol in London was hit by people." 。

he explained that the reason for this psychology is that "human psychology is to judge all kinds of things according to his own experience, knowledge and prejudice, without considering all the evidence."

take an extreme example of this psychology. Although Aristotle "proved that the earth was round as early as 300 BC, there was a" flat earth Association "with 24 members after more than 10 years of development in London, England, until the 1960s, firmly believing that the earth was flat and flat

the management reform of enterprises is often entangled by the forces of infatuation with old habits

once the enterprise enters the stable operation stage, people begin to get used to living by maintaining the status quo. The work pursuit of most managers is to reduce change and maintain stability, and their working method is to balance the relationship. As for the requirements of customers and changes in the market, they often fail to reflect them. These people actually play the role of "isolation layer" and "heat shield", and can inadvertently solve the motivation of enterprises to further improve themselves

almost every enterprise has opponents of this kind of reform and innovation. Sometimes they are still people who have made great contributions to the original accumulation of the enterprise, and their non-organization strength should not be underestimated. Even unquestionable reform and innovation will be opposed by them if they do not do a good job in advance

even step by step, they may not be willing to join the ranks of reform and innovation immediately. In this very passive situation, you should not be impatient, because it is normal. But it is also a very dangerous thing, because if it is not done well, they will use the seemingly correct scale to measure and criticize your behavior, which may constitute the tomb of reform and innovators

therefore, when carrying out management reform, we should carefully choose battles, control appropriate rhythms, and even compromise. It is best to implement new work ideas and methods with a rhythm acceptable to those who oppose the reform, and we must not try to accomplish its work in one battle

sometimes, reformers and opponents even have to play games, play with them in each other's way, evaluate the game with their rules and language, defend the reform with their language, and gradually let opponents enjoy the new wine packed in old bottles

in short, in the process of reform, we should pay attention to the decomposition of the complaints and threats of opponents, so that they can be appropriately transferred to achieve the purpose of dispersing influence. The effect is not good at the moment. It's OK to change it temporarily. You can't act rashly

when it is necessary to have sufficient capacity and ensure rapid temperature rise, in order to ensure success, it is necessary to set up a barrier outside the partners until the work progresses to a stage and can be independent or have the strength to infect others

after this process, anti reformers may find that everything is not as problematic and risky as they feared. At this time, we can speed up the pace of reform, but we should still keep the step-by-step steps, unless the situation requires immediate and decisive measures

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