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Traditional energy enterprises' active cross-border transformation of integrated energy services is expected to become a blue ocean

in the context of promoting the energy consumption revolution, optimizing the energy consumption structure, and improving energy efficiency, integrated energy services can promote the integration, complementarity, and coordination of multiple types of energy, and solve the problems caused by single energy consumption. Taking comprehensive energy services as the focus to establish a think tank point for the development of new materials industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of energy consumption will promote the realization of high-quality development

China's economy is in a critical period of high-quality development, and seeking progress in stability is the general tone of the work. Stabilizing consumption, promoting consumption, and realizing the transformation and upgrading of consumption have become the focus. Energy industry is the pillar of economic and social development. In recent years, China is actively promoting the energy consumption revolution to optimize the energy consumption structure and improve energy efficiency

China's energy consumption structure was dominated by "single" varieties for a long time. Many problems caused by this consumption inertia still exist, such as the greenhouse effect and air pollution caused by long-term dependence on fossil resources in the field of transportation. How to promote energy consumption from "single" to diversified? Integrated energy services can promote the integration, complementarity and coordination of multiple types of energy, and solve some problems caused by single energy consumption

traditional energy enterprises take the initiative in cross-border transformation

integrated energy services is a behavior that faces the end of the energy system and benefits or improves the satisfaction of energy consumption customers through the combination of energy varieties, technological progress, business model innovation, system integration and other ways

nowadays, traditional energy enterprises are transforming to integrated energy and cross-border, accelerating the expansion of integrated energy service business. Power companies, power generation companies, gas companies, energy conservation and environmental protection companies, energy technology companies, etc. based on their traditional advantageous businesses, expand their penetration into other energy fields, actively change their ideas, actively adapt to the development trend of integration, strengthen complementary advantages and cooperative innovation, and create an open and shared ecosystem of comprehensive energy services

since 2017, China home appliance Co., Ltd. has started to develop comprehensive energy service business in all provinces within the power supply area. At present, 26 provincial-level comprehensive energy service companies have been established. In 2019, the 2019-2020 action plan of State Grid Corporation of China on promoting the development of integrated energy services business was officially issued, focusing on four major businesses: integrated energy efficiency services, multi energy supply services, distributed energy, and exclusive electric vehicle services

in 2019, China Southern Power Corporation also issued the notice on clarifying matters related to the development of the company's integrated energy services, proposing the strategic orientation of transformation to smart electricity operators, energy industry value chain integrators, and energy ecosystem service providers, focusing on eight businesses, including new energy, energy-saving services, comprehensive energy utilization, electric energy substitution, energy storage, scientific and technological equipment, innovative services, "interconnection +"

Huaneng Group proposes to transform from a power generation enterprise to an integrated energy supplier, take market demand as the guide, speed up the transformation to pay equal attention to production and service, and build a first-class integrated energy service group. ENN group is focusing on building a pan energy network platform, extending the industrial chain, relying on the main business of natural gas to expand to the comprehensive energy service business, and providing customers with integrated services of power supply, heat, cold and gas

a new concept of energy consumption is taking shape

integrated energy services will make "energy as a service" (EAAs) a new concept of energy consumption, and accelerate the upgrading of energy consumption to commercialization and service. China's consumption structure is shifting from commodity consumption to the two wheel drive of commodity consumption and service consumption. The output value of the commercial sector increased nearly 70 times from 1980 to 2015, and the added value of the service industry accounted for 51.6% in 2017. The more developed the commercial sector, the higher the living standard of the people, and the higher the requirements for service quality, while the cutting requirements of the other two samples are strictly controlled

affected by the overall trend of economic development, the energy sector also shows a commercialization and service-oriented trend. The focus of the energy industry has shifted from the supply side to the consumption side, and providing consumers with better energy consumption experience and personalized customized solutions has become the core goal. While consuming energy commodities, people also pay more attention to the coordination and unity of economy, safety, comfort and environmental protection. While "paying for energy", they also begin to "pay for energy services"

in the traditional energy service system, different kinds of energy are developed independently and in a "vertical shaft". As the demander, consumers are at the end of the industrial chain, and their consumption mode and role are relatively single

different from the tradition, in the integrated energy service system, centralized and distributed energy supply modes coexist, administrative barriers and technical barriers between different energy varieties are gradually broken, and the ability of cross sectoral and cross domain coordination and complementarity is enhanced. With the assistance of comprehensive energy service providers, consumers can realize the optimization and coordination of energy production, storage and use according to their own wishes. In addition to meeting their own needs, they can also "sell energy through partition walls" and realize the integration of "production, marketing and use". The German e-dema project has established an intelligent and interconnected Distributed Energy Community in the Rhine Ruhr region. In this community, while consuming energy, households can also sell the electricity produced by micro distributed energy power stations in the community - each user is both a consumer and a supplier of energy

integrated energy services are expected to become a blue ocean

what changes will the development of integrated energy services bring to the energy and information industry

integrated energy services will promote the wide application of information and communication technology in energy systems, Accelerate energy consumption to "Extending the shelf life of food also means reducing food waste, intelligent transformation and upgrading. Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, IOT and other technologies can carry out massive data optimization, analysis, judgment and decision-making, and can judge and control the supply-demand curve of energy. The energy consumption auxiliary decision-making system formed on this basis will provide energy consumers with when, in what way, with what energy and with whom Systematic and intelligent solutions to problems such as energy and what needs to be met. The comprehensive energy service platform economy will become a blue ocean for future development

integrated energy services will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of energy consumption to marketization. Comprehensive energy services are customer-centered, market-oriented and competitive businesses, which will help to strengthen the market attribute of energy consumption and further play the decisive role of the market in the allocation of energy resources. Relevant research institutions predict that the comprehensive energy service market will be a 100 billion market in the near future, and will grow into a trillion market in the medium and long term. It is expected to breed many 100 billion or 10 billion comprehensive energy service providers in the future. At present, state-owned enterprises are promoting the reform of mixed ownership. State-owned, private and other high-quality enterprises will complement each other in the industrial chain and value, and the market competition will be more intense. Energy consumers will change from traditional "passive acceptance" to "active choice", stimulate energy consumption demand, stimulate energy market vitality, and guide industrial development trends

in the future, in terms of energy technology, integrated energy services will promote a high degree of coupling and interaction between energy systems, as well as the integration of energy and information industry, so as to realize the flexible transformation and substitution of different types of energy and the intelligent decision-making of consumers. In terms of business model, integrated energy services will continuously tilt the focus of operation from the source side to the consumer side, open up the "last mile" between energy enterprises and customers, enhance consumption power, and promote a virtuous cycle of energy production, transmission, distribution, and consumption. In terms of the implementation of the sustainable development and operation strategy mechanism in the production field, both parties of the physical cooperation will further play the decisive role of the market and form a truly customer-centered and demand-oriented market-oriented value. Focusing on comprehensive energy services, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of energy consumption will create huge market space

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