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There is a long way for traditional enterprises to transform into e-commerce

in September, we will establish an open platform (e-commerce). At the 2013 China Internet Conference held on the 13th, Suning yunshang attended as a traditional retail enterprise transforming into an Internet enterprise, and Sunweimin, its president, announced the above plan at the conference

three years ago, traditional enterprises were still considering whether to carry out e-commerce business. Now, facing the impact of e-commerce such as Taobao (tmall), and Dangdang, most enterprises have to transform to Internet. Even the financial sector, which has always been closed, also has new trends. Minsheng Bank invested and established Minsheng e-commerce at the beginning of this month and began to prepare specific businesses

however, it is not easy for traditional enterprises to transform into e-commerce, regardless of the fact that e-commerce is a capital intensive industry. The traditional industry itself also has problems such as left-hand and right-hand interaction and lack of Internet thinking. In addition, the competition in the e-commerce industry has become white hot, and the road for traditional enterprises to transform into e-commerce is not smooth

traditional enterprises feel pressure

interconnection is a more advanced chain mode. Sun Weimin introduced that the commercial chain itself is also a relatively advanced business model. In recent years, Internet has not only allowed store chains, but also established chains for all upstream suppliers

in March this year, Suning Appliance officially changed its name to Suning cloud business, transforming from a traditional enterprise to an Internet enterprise. In fact, the transformation of Suning Appliance is an active defense. Due to the impact of e-commerce such as Taobao (tmall) and, the retail model of home appliances (market zone) with strong standardization is the first to feel the chill, which can also be seen from the declining performance of Suning and Gome

in addition to Suning yunshang, more traditional enterprises have launched e-commerce platforms, represented by Wal Mart's No. 1 store, Yintai of Yintai department store, and yougou of belle group. At the same time, more retail enterprises such as Wangfujing (market stock bar trading point) department store and RT Mart supermarket are also looking for contact

the impact of e-commerce on traditional industries has also gradually expanded from household appliances, books, clothing and other products to banking, insurance and other financial fields. At the beginning of August, Minsheng e-commerce, which has subscribed a capital of 3billion yuan at any time effective temperature rise, has confirmed to register in Shenzhen Qianhai, which is the first bank business close cooperation enterprise in China to form a corresponding relationship with commercial banks

according to the latest published data, traditional enterprises do feel the pressure. According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics, according to different experimental methods, the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the second quarter of 2013 reached 6.03 trillion yuan, with a month on month growth rate of 8.7%. In the second quarter, online shopping accounted for 7.3% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods, and the month on month growth rate of online shopping transaction scale was 2.78 times of the total retail sales of social consumer goods

it is not easy to transform e-commerce

it is not easy for traditional enterprises to win the recognition of users. The development of e-commerce requires the expansion of categories. Behind this is the growth of traffic and the improvement of user stickiness, which requires a lot of funds to support

if retail enterprises now ask me how to do e-commerce, I will ask you how much money you are going to lose. Zhang Xuejun, CEO of yougou, an e-commerce platform under Belle, said that if the group does not have sufficient financial support, it is best not to become an e-commerce. At present, the cost of acquiring a new customer is about 90 yuan/person

according to insiders, most traditional commercial enterprises earn less than 500million yuan per year, while a small and medium-sized vertical e-commerce platform loses more than 100million yuan per year. The profitability of traditional businesses is not enough to support the operation of an e-commerce platform

the transformation of traditional enterprises also needs to deal with the relationship between traditional business and e-commerce business. Since the launch of Suning e-commerce, it has been questioned by the outside world that the left-hand and right-hand exchanges, and Suning has also spent a lot of time on the Informatization Transformation of management system and logistics system. To realize integration, it technology is needed first. In theory, e-commerce platforms are not built, but repaired. Zhang Xuejun believes that traditional enterprises must establish their own it teams to carry out e-commerce business

the current external environment is not optimistic. Analysts pointed out that this year, it is obvious that the control of traditional e-commerce platforms such as tmall and mall has been strengthened, which has not only completed the detour and Transcendence in the online field, but also deployed in many derivative fields such as logistics, payment and finance, which makes the vertical small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises face small challenges announced by BASF

this is also reflected in vipshop, whose special sale mode is the differentiated development path found by the company. But the latest news is that JD mall will also enter this field

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