Emergency repair of lever fracture of the hottest

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Emergency repair of broken lever of win3445 offset press

a win3445 offset press, due to the aging and failure of some electrical parts, the paper in the receiving part is disordered, causing the paper to enter between the rubber drum and the embossing drum, causing the machine to be blocked, and causing the adjustment lever of the embossing drum to break, causing the machine to not operate normally. As the factory just received an urgent mail from a new customer, it will take at least 5 to 6 days to mail the parts from Weihai manufacturer Changshu national high tech Industrial Development Zone located in the core area of the Yangtze River Delta to Xiamen. In this way, the printing can not be completed in time and lose credibility to customers. So we decided to weld with the original. As the lever is cast iron, it is difficult to weld, so I have no idea whether it is feasible. But because of the urgent need, I still have to try, and I really succeeded. Our specific method is: first fix the lever broken before processing on the Bench Vise, then weld both sides with cast iron electrode to fix it, cut a 5mm deep and 5mm wide groove on both sides without welding with a cutting machine, and then connect and repair it with welding rod. Because the MOF material loaded with glucose molecules keeps the skeleton structure unchanged at 200 ℃, such welding can avoid the problem that the general welding is only carried out on the surface, and the deep part cracks still exist. In addition, two pieces of cast iron with length of 3cm, width of 1.5cm and thickness of 0.5cm can be welded on both sides without cutting grooves, which can increase the firmness of the welding points. Later, after the machine was installed, it operated well without pressure deviation on both sides. Live parts shall be printed and handed over to customers in time. Reduce unnecessary losses for the factory. If your peers encounter similar situations, you might as well try it

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