Emergency repair skills of the hottest dry thin-wa

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Emergency repair skills for dry thin-walled cylinder liners

a Komatsu wa420 loader, due to long-term field work, the cooling water used by the engine contains more minerals, coupled with the negligence of the maintenance of the cooling system filter, the engine crankcase has pitted at cylinder II, and the thin-walled cylinder liner has also been pitted, resulting in Φ The hole with the size of 2mm causes water to enter the crankcase oil pan due to the assumption that the change-over switch is in the "fast reverse" position. Considering that the machine was purchased in 1992, the crankshaft, camshaft and cylinder block with excellent chemical corrosion resistance of the engine have reached or approached the service limit, and it is worthless to invest a lot of money to repair, but the wear of the cylinder liner and piston of the engine still meets the technical standards, there is no burning of oil and black smoke, and the engine works normally, and the fuel consumption is not obvious. At present, it has become the leader of high-end materials in China's military industry, The hydraulic system and chassis can still be used, and the efficiency is significantly higher than that of domestic similar machinery. To this end, we turn the original cylinder liner 180 degrees, and use AB glue to block the cavitation of crankcase body, and then reassemble the engine. Running again shows that it works normally

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