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The export of traditional Chinese medicine to Europe is facing a severe situation

as traditional Chinese medicine has not been protected by the legislation of European countries, and some traditional Chinese medicine products exported to Europe are of poor quality, China's traditional Chinese medicine export to Europe is facing a severe situation at present. In this regard, relevant experts put forward countermeasures

at the "international high level Forum on traditional Chinese medicine and botanical medicine" held a few days ago, Dong Zhilin, chairman of the all European Federation of traditional Chinese Medicine Societies, put forward the main problems faced by the current export of traditional Chinese medicine to Europe:

traditional Chinese medicine has not been legally protected by European countries. It is a strategic alliance for technological innovation and achievement transformation of industry university research and application cooperation, and has not been fully included in national insurance and medical care, Many European countries have very strict restrictions on the import and use of traditional Chinese medicine. Many animal and plant products with remarkable effects and definite curative effects have been listed as banned products in many European countries. Such as Aucklandia, Gastrodia elata, Magnolia officinalis, Bletilla striata, ephedra, etc. Local government departments and some wildlife protection institutions often search traditional Chinese medicine units together with the police. European media also often unrealistically publicize traditional Chinese medicine, believing that "there are protected animals and plants in traditional Chinese medicine", "traditional Chinese medicine contains western medicine", "the use of traditional Chinese medicine damages renal function" and so on, which have a negative impact on the use and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine. In particular, the draft regulation on herbal medicine issued by the European Union recently believes that traditional Chinese medicine contains unsafe factors, and traditional Chinese medicine is classified as a food additive and included in drugs with many restrictions, making the situation of traditional Chinese medicine exporting to Europe more serious

some Chinese medicine products exported to Europe are of poor quality, which has affected the overall image of Chinese medicine

in recent years, sometimes the experimental space needs to reach 3 meters. In recent years, the number of domestic traditional Chinese medicine exported to Europe has increased, but the quality of exported products is not strictly controlled. In particular, insufficient attention has been paid to the problems of pesticide residues and heavy metals in traditional Chinese medicine, and many products cannot meet the requirements of European countries. There are also some traditional Chinese medicine products mixed with some western medicine ingredients, which directly enter the European market and have a bad impact

not long ago, the British government conducted a spot check on 11 kinds of externally used traditional Chinese medicine products, and it was found that 8 of them contained dexamethasone. After the problem occurred, the then European herbal medicine working group claimed that "traditional Chinese medicine is extremely unsafe". In September this year, the drug administration of the British Ministry of health held a special press conference, saying that "the quality and safety standards of traditional Chinese medicine need to be improved". This series of events has seriously affected the reputation of pure natural products of traditional Chinese medicine

in addition, there are many problems in the packaging design of exported traditional Chinese medicine products. The packaging of the products does not conform to European regulations and is not suitable for the needs of market sales, resulting in many troubles when these products enter the customs. Some products containing protected animals and plants have been detained, fined or even confiscated because they have not gone through relevant procedures such as licenses

in view of the above problems faced by China's traditional Chinese medicine export to Europe, Dong Zhilin proposed the following five countermeasures:

first, strictly control the export quality of traditional Chinese medicine. It is suggested that the relevant national departments should formulate a quality management plan for the export of traditional Chinese medicine in line with international standards, and set up a special organization to supervise the implementation. In particular, the pesticide residues and heavy metal contents in traditional Chinese medicine produced by some production bases and processing units were spot checked; The finished products of traditional Chinese medicine containing western medicine ingredients should be strictly managed, and a certain chemical ingredient should be indicated on the list of packaging ingredients, or the words "only for domestic sale, no export" should be marked. It is not allowed to export without permission. For traditional Chinese medicines and finished medicines containing contraband, which are still listed as contraband in Europe, the regulations of European governments should be respected before communication and settlement. For example, the export of traditional Chinese medicine with high content of heavy metals, such as Liushen pills, Tianxian pills, Zhufeng Tougu pills, should be prohibited; The export of some pieces and products of traditional Chinese medicine that cannot obtain an endangered export license should also be suspended

second, according to European and American regulations and market requirements, improve the outer packaging and dosage form of China's export traditional Chinese medicine products. The specification, dosage, composition and percentage of the product must be indicated on the packaging box of the exported traditional Chinese medicine products, especially the batch number and expiry date of the product. Some domestic manufacturers are used to marking the production date on the packaging box, which often makes European patients and governments misunderstand that this is an expired product and dare not take it. In addition, it is absolutely not allowed to write "indications", "functions" and other explanatory words on the packaging box. Otherwise, it will not be able to enter the European market as natural plants and health products. 3、 Strengthen contacts and dialogues among high-level governments. 1. Main machine maintenance: the fixture equipped with the machine should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; Because the jaws of the hydraulic universal experimental machine are often used for mutual visits, discussions and field visits to communicate information, exchange opinions, implement measures, and promote the legislative protection of traditional Chinese medicine in the host country. It is suggested that the relevant departments should communicate and coordinate with the China endangered species office and foreign trade companies in a timely manner, so that the China endangered species office can keep in touch with the endangered species offices of European countries, and make scientific explanations and necessary explanations for some "prohibited substances", so as to win their understanding and support for traditional Chinese medicine products

fourth, strengthen the publicity of traditional Chinese medicine. It is suggested that the relevant state departments should invest in the establishment of a modern Chinese medicine publicity network system with multiple languages, and a Chinese medicine journal can be established in Europe. Through the Internet and magazines, we will publicize traditional Chinese medicine, exchange academic ideas, clinical and teaching experience of traditional Chinese medicine, introduce new achievements, new products and new breakthroughs in traditional Chinese medicine research, answer various questions about traditional Chinese medicine dietotherapy, health preservation and health care, and make traditional Chinese medicine enter the world as soon as possible. In the publicity of traditional Chinese medicine, special attention should be paid to the publicity of Qigong. Don't exaggerate the health care and therapeutic effects of Qigong arbitrarily, and describe Qigong as an omnipotent treatment, so as not to affect the image of traditional Chinese medicine

v. carry out various exchange activities to activate the academic atmosphere of traditional Chinese medicine in the world. It is suggested that relevant national departments should hold international academic conferences on traditional Chinese medicine on a regular basis. In addition, various seminars, report meetings and investigation activities should be held in a planned, phased, batch and piecemeal manner. We should not only exchange academic ideas and experience, but also put forward practical solutions to the problems existing in the current development of traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, we should further promote the cooperation between domestic and foreign traditional Chinese medicine undertakings, encourage traditional Chinese medicine colleges and universities, scientific research and medical units above the provincial level to go abroad to set up schools, hospitals and clinics, encourage traditional Chinese medicine production enterprises to look for business opportunities across the country, and actively carry out various Bayer said: give priority to IPO listing materials science and technology business activities. (liudongjun)

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