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Traditional magazine manufacturers should speed up compliance with the digital wave

as of the fourth quarter of 2011, China's smart ownership has reached 179million, and China's tablet computer sales have reached 2.3644 million. The development of mobile terminals gradually tends to be multi terminal and multi screen. The development of smart terminals has brought changes in the way users access information, and the gradual formation of the habit of using mobile networks. At the same time, it provides a new distribution channel for magazines. At present, the digital magazine market presents the following characteristics:

although the circulation of digital magazines accounts for a small proportion of the total circulation of magazines, it shows an increasing trend year by year. At present, the circulation of digital magazines accounts for a small proportion, only about 1%, but it has increased rapidly since 2010. In the second half of 2011, the knowledge about the properties of materials has more than doubled. Just like the early development of digital music, digital magazines will also conform to the digital wave in the future and gradually become the second important distribution channel

people's demand for digital magazines has gradually expanded, and the page end has gradually changed to the app end. While intelligent terminals change users' habits, they also change the way of carrying content. App has become the development trend in various fields of mobile Internet and the main way of carrying content on mobile terminals. Digital magazines are no exception. Users of digital magazines use page login to gradually use app login to obtain content

there are more and more platform level manufacturers of digital magazines. In terms of domestic operators, magazines have become one of their important layouts. At the same time, digital magazine distribution platform manufacturers and the digital transformation of traditional magazine manufacturers have emerged. The development prospect of China's plastic extruder market is good, and the overall industrial chain has been completely constructed, which promotes the digitization process of magazines to a certain extent

however, there are still some problems in the transformation of traditional magazine manufacturers. For the digital transformation of traditional magazine manufacturers, the implementation and effect are not ideal. On the one hand, most traditional magazine manufacturers have not complied with the digital wave and have not made layout for digital magazines; On the other hand, although some traditional magazine manufacturers have set up special new media business departments, they lack Internet genes and only take digital magazines as a supplement to their channels, paying little attention to them. Moreover, the traditional magazine manufacturers that pay enough attention to digitalization have been listed as a+ level in different specifications in the BRE green guide. They lack the transformation ability and the architecture ability at the technical level, resulting in the current explosive growth of digital magazine content

in view of the above problems, Analysys think tank suggests that with the development of Internet and mobile Internet, the digitalization trend in the content field is the general trend. Traditional content manufacturers should make a digitalization layout in combination with the overall environment, and in this process, they can position themselves in the development mode of content providers by strengthening cooperation with platform level manufacturers. For traditional magazine manufacturers with large scale or brand influence, they should develop their own apps and pay attention to their operations

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