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Traditional coatings have been eliminated, and two environmental friendly coatings have become new favorites.

since the reform and opening up, China's economy has undergone great changes. With one fifth of the world's population, it has undoubtedly become the world's largest coating consumption market. Investing in coatings has become the best choice for many smart businessmen to covet wealth. With the emergence of the concept of environment and health, low-grade traditional coatings will be gradually eliminated, The new environmentally friendly coating technology has become the new favorite of investment in the coating market

Since the reform and opening up, China has met the requirements of impact testing of building safety interlayer. The changes made in China's economic construction have attracted the attention of the world, forming the world's undisputed largest investment market. Among them, the coating industry has become an outstanding new force in the investment market, which has attracted wide attention

China is a country with a large population and a large consumption country, which is equal to owning one fifth of the world's housing. As an emerging market country, the most significant change is the change in housing form brought about by the growth of the national economy. For 400million Chinese families who have come from the planned economy, after the process of shrinking their money bags and becoming full, housing ranks first among the four major consumption of clothing, food, housing and transportation, The first big thing to do when you have money is to buy a house. This is a common Chinese mentality, which leads to the special prosperity of China's real estate industry and the prosperity of related industries, forming a huge industrial chain, in which architectural coatings have become the most eye-catching highlight. According to incomplete statistics, China's domestic demand for coatings was 37billion yuan in 2004, which is expected to increase significantly in 2005. It is not a lie to say that the coating industry is becoming a fertile land of value-added wealth and promising investment

the concept of green environment and living gives birth to the demand for healthy homes. Environmental friendly coatings are popular in the market

recently, the construction coating market is quietly undergoing a change. In this change without smoke, new environmental friendly coatings and traditional coatings have launched a "hand to hand war". Although on the surface, traditional coatings are still "ambitious" and occupy a certain market pattern, from the basic trend of coatings in the future, It is a foregone conclusion that traditional coatings have declined and "died", and water-based environmental friendly coatings have been comprehensively replaced

architectural coatings are directly related to human health. People live in rooms most of the time and have close contact with coatings all the time; Formaldehyde is highly toxic, babies are deformed, and modern medicine has found that traditional coatings have increasingly become the "culprit" of people's health. Therefore, scientists' efforts to research and develop high-end water-based environmental friendly coatings have never stopped

the birth of nano modified coatings has ended, and the traditional coating market has become a general trend

although there are countless coatings with environmental protection brands in the market, there are few coatings with real environmental protection value, especially the nano modified coating technology launched by Beijing Sinoma National Construction Chemical Materials Science Research Institute, which has become a rare patented product in today's high-end environmental protection coatings, Through the testing of Guoxue building materials testing center and the national environmental monitoring center, all performance indicators are much better than the 32 national gb/t975 continuous replacement projects 5-2001 and gb/t9756-2001 high-class product standards. The environmental protection indicators meet the latest gb/full analysis standards, and are rated as "high-quality, non-toxic and green environmental protection products" and "safe building materials for the Chinese market" by the national authority and recommended. So far, the popularity of nano modified environmental protection coatings is still very limited. Traditional investors can obtain the production and management rights of nano modified coatings through the transfer of patented technology

nano modified coating may become a piece of cake in the market

coating, as a decorative material, is widely used. From the trend of real estate demand, the national per capita living area has increased from 7.9 square meters to 9 square meters, the new residential area will reach 10billion square meters, the construction of public and production buildings will reach 3billion square meters, and about 5million square meters of old residential reconstruction; In addition, according to incomplete statistics of China Building Decoration Association, the number of tableware samples produced by China construction advanced energy materials building decoration project is rising sharply, and the market scale is expected to reach 300billion yuan by 2005; China's coating industry has entered the fast lane, and it is expected that the demand for architectural coatings in the domestic market will increase at an annual rate of 8%; The coating industry has become a sustainable and prosperous sunrise industry

although nano modified coating is a high-tech product, its technology and process are not complex, and the investment amount is not large. It is very suitable for the working class, with low cost and considerable profits. The key is to introduce technology and purchase equipment from reliable channels. Take the nano modified coating technology currently promoted by Beijing Sinoma Guojian Chemical Materials Research Institute as an example. With an investment of 30000-50000 yuan, a small nano modified coating factory can be set up. Mechanized production can be carried out by workers. The plant covers an area of no more than 100 square meters, with an annual output of tons of coating, and the annual profit can reach about one million yuan

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