The impact of TPP on the growth of Taiwan's glass

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The impact of joining TPP on the growth of Taiwan's glass industry

generally speaking, glass products can be divided into three categories: flat glass, glass fiber and container glass. At present, in the glass and its products industry on the island, the industry leader is the "Taiwan glass industry", whose turnover is maintained at more than NT $10billion, and it is also the only industry in Taiwan with a revenue of more than NT $10billion; According to the annual report of "Taiwan glass industry", the market share of flat glass on the island was as high as 80% in 2014, and the market shares of glass fiber hole matching, research and repair, lamination, container glass, kitchen glass and so on ranged from about 35%. Therefore, the company "Taiwan glass industry" has a certain degree of influence in the industrial circle

according to the 2014 "top 10 glass and its products industry ranking", in addition to the industry leader "Taiwan glass industry" with a business scale of NT $10billion, the second place, such as "Fuqiao industry", "Huaxia glass", "Dahuang container industry", "taimingjiang enterprise", "Jianrong industrial materials", has a business scale of more than 1 billion yuan and less than 10 billion yuan. In the past, "Yashi crystal" also sold well in automotive, home appliances, electronic appliances and other industries with this scale of performance, but the protective glass (touch panel) produced was exclusively for smart manufacturers. In 2014, after the decline in the share of HTC, its main customer, also affected its shipping performance, resulting in a decline of nearly 15% in performance

another relatively stable performance is "Taiwan automotive glass". The flat glass produced is mostly used for automotive reinforced glass. In recent years, with the development of the car market, if there are abnormal institutional action problems, and the rise of the concept of car coupling, the sales performance has increased from 5% in 2009. RMB 300million has increased year by year, reaching 9% by 2014. With a scale of 3.7 billion yuan, it is expected that the revenue in 2015 will have the opportunity to reach 1billion

the global glass industry has become an important industry with an annual output value of more than US $53billion. In 2014, Taiwan's total exports of glass products were nearly US $2.1 billion, while exports to TPP countries were about US $6. 600 million yuan, accounting for 32%, including Japan, the United States, Singapore, Canada and Australia are the main export markets. However, most of these countries have high tariffs. If they join the TPP, it will not only be beneficial to exports, but also help expand TPP members in developing countries such as Southeast Asia and Mexico

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