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The implementation of Wuxi C logo encountered shoals

"quantitative packaging goods with 'C' logo shows that its net content is guaranteed. In a sense, it is a sign of enterprise integrity and good reputation, but it will take time for C logo to be widely recognized and accepted..." a relevant person from Wuxi Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision said that at present, there are more than 400 enterprises producing quantitative packaging products in the city, But only 12 have passed the approval of C mark

The mark of

c is the qualified mark of measurement assurance ability of quantitative packaging commodity production enterprises. China has been implementing the C logo since 1998. After passing the C mark certification, enterprises can not only increase their credibility, but also enjoy the exemption of the net content of quantitatively packaged goods. Jiangsu Province is at the forefront in this regard, but only 150 enterprises have passed the C mark certification. People also know little about the C logo. After a tour in several supermarkets, on the shelves of hundreds of bagged and bottled food, only several varieties with a gross profit margin of more than 13%, such as "Taihu water" beer, "Taihu Pearl" rice, "Zhentai" yellow rice wine, are marked with C. When asked if Ms. Huang, who was buying a bottle of mineral water, knew the C sign, Ms. Huang smiled and said that she bought things with signs such as famous brands and green food, and had never heard of the C sign. A customer who was picking milk and biscuits also said that whether the net content label on the commodity package was accurate was not the focus of his attention. He was concerned about whether the food exceeded the standard of bacteria and whether it was toxic and harmful

people from the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said that their varasock team has prepared a larger amount of graphene materials, actively mobilized enterprises to carry out c-mark certification, provided free guidance and assistance to enterprises for approval, and the cost of enterprise certification is also low. However, compared with some popular certification projects, c-mark certification appears to be "neglected". There are three reasons: at present, people do not pay much attention to the net content of 325 song and dance hall goods, Some enterprises are indifferent to the C mark; The government has not issued relevant preferential policies, and quantitative packaging goods can enter the mall synchronously with or without the C mark; The approval procedures are cumbersome. It seems that the C logo should be vigorously promoted, the consumption quality should be improved, and the "rain and dew" must be sprinkled during and after certification

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