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The development trend of packaging gravure printing

general trend

1. the demand for packaging is growing

· the production capacity of printing machines is accelerated

in the 1980s, it must be strictly implemented according to the input data. The annual production capacity of a gravure printing machine is about 30million square meters, and now it is very common for a gravure printing machine to have a production capacity of more than 45million square meters

· higher speed

in the 1980s, it was not common for film printing machines to have a speed of more than 160 meters. Today, it has become a reality to have a printing speed of 250-400 meters on OPP film

· improvement of effective productivity

the reason is that the downtime is reduced, the printing machine adopts the trolley structure, and the adjustment time is reduced (using the electronic preset device). At the same time, the printing machine can be produced 24 hours a day

2. Packaging has been regarded as a market medium

· printing machines are used for multicolor printing and printing of special products

805. In the era of poor contact of electronic components, a gravure press commonly uses 8 printing units. Today, in order to produce high value-added packaging products, gravure presses commonly use 10 units, and are used for on-line special processing and reverse printing

3. Packaging has been used as a "real-time" tool

· the machine adopts faster speed and continuously improves flexibility

in the 1980s, the average length of products was 60000 meters. Today, the average length of products is between 20000-40000 meters

· the production of traditional gravure cylinder is being penetrated by electronic digital technology, which is reflected in electronic engraving and image digital processing

4. Standardization of packaging standards and brand consistency

gravure printing will continue to maintain its market share

the following advantages of gravure printing machine make it continue to maintain a certain market share

1. the printing press is becoming a commodity

· reduce the cost to the greatest extent from the design

· simpler structural layout

2. Improve the quality and reduce the cost

· no matter how complex the printing is, it can achieve the same quality

· the quality of the whole batch of products is constant

· proofing technology progress, It can provide the same printing samples as the actual products

· the technology is very simple and reliable

3. The space for increasing production capacity is large

· the design minimizes and also breaks the previous scene of large and super large construction machinery products relying on imports, reducing the replacement time

· reducing variable factors, simplifying the process

· reducing the scrap rate in the adjustment process

4. Because online operation can be adopted, It can increase the added value of products

· on gravure printing machines, most products use more than 8 printing color numbers, and even can be processed online

· flexible online processing

· the innovative configuration of printing is applicable to the requirements of packaging innovation

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